Meet The Girls

The heart and soul of any breeding farm are the mares.
While visiting Angel one night,
and only those that have ever lived in the country can understand how dark it can get at night.
Angel was calling in the girls for me to show to a friend I had dragged along
and Garth Brooks And Thunder Rolls always comes to mind.
Standing in that field of eerie darkness you could hear the herd coming
it sent chills up my back as the ground literally shook from their hooves.
Angel quietly stood there with the mares milling around her.
It was something I have never forgotten.

Thank you *Bonnie Snyder*

Savannah Side Up

aka Anna
Chestnut Overo APHA


aka Foxy
Buckskin Tobiano APHA

EE Aa CRcr TOto

Ima Unique Tirage

aka Kandy

Amber Cream Champagne






Ima Makin Brulee

aka Brulee

Classic Champagne